When an evaluation is requested, we take the time to learn your network, systems, and needs. In cases where we are unfamiliar with your line of business, we take the time to learn how your company operates so we can engineer the best solution for you. This evaluation offers an opportunity for us to

- identify infrastructure needs

- evaluate current communication systems

- document all servers and services currently used

- understand off-site disaster recovery needs

- establish future support and monitoring requirements

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The key to success is a proper foundation. Our evaluations are used to learn your requirements then our design teams will architect the perfect infrastructure and network for your business. We have over 20 years of experience in designing solutions that cover all areas of IT to include

- infrastructure wiring

- wide area network (WAN) access

- network distribution

- wireless distribution

- 4G mobile redundancy

- domain and network control

- network storage

- security access and monitoring

- and much more

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Integration of different technologies is one of the most difficult aspects of a converged solution. Being able to seamlessly use all of your systems saves you and your employees hundreds of hours of frustrating guesswork. We learn your business so our solutions integrate the way you would expect them to work.

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Remote Monitoring & Support - Managing the level of skills needed to keep an IT infrastructure safe and operational is most times beyond the means of small and medium businesses. Our network and systems management platform permits us to remotely manage and maintain your networks.

Our platform also provides a single point for information management, maintaining all documentation and authentication information. Using our tools permits our clients to assign team members with permissions to create and escalate trouble tickets which prevents the same issue from being reported multiple times.

Out tools are ideal for companies with a:

- lack of a unified infrastructure, application, and process

- lack of in-house technical expertise

- need for complete control and mirroring when required

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